They attack, they disturb!

New medical studies indicate that onshore wind turbines represent a health risk for people living nearby, due to the emission of infrasound.

They cause physical and psychological disorders in humans (see Dr. Recher’s report).

Adème also recognizes that wind turbines emit this infrasound.
A British study shows that only one in fourteen people living near the Bears Down wind turbines in Padstow, Cornwall, where 16 wind turbines were installed two years ago, did not experience increasing headaches. Ten said they experienced sleep problems and anxiety.

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Testimony of a resident of a wind farm located in
600 meters from his house.
“It has become hell. It oppresses you, you
makes you irritable, gives you unbearable tinnitus.
It gets you out of the house, especially at night when you
feel like the wind turbine is in the bedroom
sleep “

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Depressive states, noises, tinnitus, headaches. Such is
the daily life of the inhabitants of neighboring Estinnes (Belgium)
of a wind farm located 700 m from their homes.

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Monday, July 23, 2007

A doctor admits having observed disorders
due to wind turbines in his patients.

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The National Academy of Medicine recommends suspending the construction of wind turbines of more than 2.5 Mw within 1.5 km of homes.