Landscape and environment

They see each other!

“It’s pretty, it reminds of old windmills”
Yes, but… the dimensions and the number clearly modify the perception: we are far from “the little house on the prairie” with a wind turbine that pumps water for the garden.

A wind turbine is a tube of one hundred meters (the Montparnasse tower measures approximately 150 meters), with 3 blades that rotate over 120 meters in diameter (the size of 3 superimposed churches).
If we add to this the non-buried electric lines, the pylons and the other ancillary structures, we then understand the inhabitants of the places where the establishments are numerous, as for example in the Aude, where we are beginning to have enough of them: the negative repercussions on tourism are even beginning to be felt (rural cottages, campsites, sports and nature activities, etc.).
Similarly, the impact is obvious on the brand image of AOC terroirs.

On the other hand, the installation of wind turbines and all the more so of several projects close to each other implies, within the framework of the fight against fires, to be satisfied with the means on the ground: the canadairs and helicopters being compromised .

Consequences: the landscape will indisputably be modified, forest replanting being incompatible. A fortiori, the risk of fire in the case where replanting areas have already been carried out is increased.

The proliferation of these machines causes
dissension in the countryside. Example
in the heart of the Massif Central.

Excerpt from Jt 13h00 of TF1 of 16/10/2007

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Are wind turbines good for the environment?

Extract from Jt 19/20 of France 3 of 24/01/07

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On 01/14/2008
The G8 (Meeting of eight National Associations
recognized as being of public utility, safeguarding the
Built and Landscape Heritage) sent a letter
to the President of the Republic to alert him to the
need for urgent measures in the face of the seriousness
threats that weigh today on the landscapes
of our country.

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